Early Activities

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Early Activities by Sudatta


SuDatta in its early years organised a variety of workshops and activities. These helped establish the organisation and also aided in networking with professionals and institutions.

NOVEMBER '96 The Founders Vidya Shankar, Saraswati Srinath and Sheela Kamath met at the parents meet called for by Vatsalya Trust.  Vidya Shankar had already started the Chennai group in 1994.  Later the three families discussed over a lunch and decided to register the Bangalore group as an independent entity and not just as a branch. 
SEPTEMBER '97 SuDatta Adoptive Parents Association Bangalore formally registered. 
FEBRUARY '98 Workshops on ‘Common behaviour issues for children’ & ‘understanding your child’ were conducted by paediatrician Dr. K.S.Srinath, the President of SuDatta.
JUNE '98 Workshop on ‘Insight into today’s child’ was conducted by Ms.Meena Jain of Shristi Special Academy.
SEPTEMBER '98 For the first time in the country a two-day residential program on Adoption was organized where in parents met child welfare experts including Prof. Hoksbergen of Netherlands. Topics discussed ranged from changing trends in adoption procedures and their implication, child development, communication with the child about its adoptive status, telling issues, search issues etc.
OCTOBER '98 Karnataka State Council for Child Welfare along with SuDatta organized Bal Utsav, a cultural festival for children from institutions and orphanages.
APRIL '99 A summer workshop, at Multi Disciplinary Training Center, for adoptive families along with the children from institutions was conducted. All children got down to shredding waste paper, soaking them, producing finally paper sheets from pulp
AUGUST '99 Famous collage artist Mr. V. Balu kept the adoptive families & institution’s children enthralled with his collage presentation on Peace + Children. Later the children created their image of peace and happiness.
SEPTEMBER '99 IIM Bangalore students conducted a study on attitudes and perceptions in adoption which was aptly titled ‘Bonding Beyond the Umbilical Cord’.

Our Vision and Mission

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Our Vision and Mission


We provide for:
  • Interdependence in the interest of the child
  • sharing / learning / exchanging parenting tips / setting realistic expectations of ourselves
  • the right forum for our children to form their own voice

We shall be the most competent / recognized support group providing continuous empowerment to adoption-built families

Pillars of Strength

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In Appreciation


No Man is an island. Our support group also needs support! We are blessed to have the unwavering faith and guidance extended to us from the following individuals and institutions, listed in alphabetical order. When we needed that leg up the ladder, you were there for us, and we know that you will always be the wind beneath SuDatta’s wings. Thank you.

We are indebted to:

ACA: Dr. Aloma Lobo, Chairperson ACA, Karnataka, Ex-Chairperson CARA: - been supportive of activities of SuDatta, collaborated with SuDatta in awareness campaigns, as Chairperson CARA extended financial support to SuDatta for its workshop in 2004.

Dr. Ali Khwaja: Chairman, Banjara Group: Helped with his invaluable suggestions and ideas. He has been a resource person in several workshops conducted by Sudatta. He has collaborated with SuDatta in a program for school teachers to sensitize them to the cause of adoption.

Mr. Alok Gupta: Dierctor, Bapuji Children’s Home, Mysore. Mr. Alok and Mrs Mamta Gupta, being adoptive parents themselves have been actively participating in all our events. They have been of tremendous help in launching SuDatta at Mysore and taking it forward.

CARA: Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) has been very supportive of SuDatta’s efforts in creating adoption awareness and has extended financial support for our workshops time to time.

Ms. Diana Tholoor of Chrysalis Theatre: The ever energetic Diana transformed our children into beautiful actors!! She helped SuDatta stage an awareness campaign through the medium of Theatre in the year 2003. The play Bhavana, directed and choreographed by her was well received.

DWCD: The Department of Women and Child Welfare has been appreciative of SuDatta and its initiatives taken in sensitizing the society about adoption and has acknowledged the same by the including us in the Adoption Advisory Committee. SuDatta has also collaborated with the Department in spreading the message of adoption throughout Karnataka.

Prof. Hilda Rayappan, Director, Prajna Counseling Centre, Mangalore: We had drawn inspiration from her pioneering work in de-institutionalization of older children. We are very glad for her support in bringing adoptive parents of Mangalore together to form a SuDatta group there.

KSSCW: Ms. Nina Nayak, President KSCCW, brings for us both her personal and professional enthusiasm. She has been extremely supportive in the activities of SuDatta. Along with the Dept of women & child welfare Nina has involved SuDatta in many occasions to bring in awareness in society about adoption.

Ms Madhuri Velegar K, Bangalore Editor, Femina: An adoptive parent herself, she has created national awareness about SuDatta, its members and given information about legal procedures for adoption through her thoughtfully written inspiring articles.

Mathruchaya: This institution has been a pillar of strength during our early struggling years of SuDatta. The team of Mathruchaya has been a great supporter of having an Adoption Support Group for families in need of emotional help and assistance.

Ms. Maya Sharma, NDTV, Bangalore: Maya adds a great sensitivity through the visual medium and has been very supportive in aiding SuDatta to spread the concept of adoption and the awareness regarding role of SuDatta

Dr. Nilima Mehta: Chairperson CARA Training and Development Committee, Consultant Adoption and Child Protection.: From the time of its inception, Dr. Nilima has been a guiding force for SuDatta with her timely advice and inputs for all of Sudatta’s activities. Her book has been a source of inspiration to many SuDatta parents.

Ms. Padma Subbaiah, Adoption consultant and ex-Director Mathrucahya She has been a familiar presence for many adoptive parents in Bangalore. Her involvement went beyond her work and she has been there to listen to those who went back to seek her advice and wisdom. She has generously offered her time for some of our early events and till date we know we can depend on her.

Dr. Shoba Srinath, Prof and Head of Dept, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS, in spite of her busy schedule, has always made herself available for Sudatta workshops. She is a teacher we look up to. Experiences, information, suggestions, recommendations and encouraging words- she gives generously from her expert kit.

Ms. Shobha Managoli, Consultant clinical psychologist: Ms. Shobha Managoli, conducted many workshops for SuDatta nudging us to be the new age parents without giving up the relevance of traditional wisdom. She invited us to share her platforms to educate educationists about Nature versus Nurture.

Ms. Sahana Charan, The Hindu: She has been with SuDatta for the past years, been very supportive in helping SuDatta create awareness about adoption and adoption awareness groups.

Ms. Santrupti Vittal, Times of India: She has been with SuDatta for the past years, been very supportive in helping SuDatta create awareness about adoption and adoption awareness groups.

Ms. Thangam Venkateswaran, Vishwas: She has interacted unobtrusively with adoptive parents through sharing sessions and helped us discover our strengths. She did this with equal élan while encouraging our children to express themselves. SuDatta was welcome to use the Vishwas space as a resource centre for 3 years.

Viveka, Dr. Uttara Vidyasagar, Director, Viveka – Centre for emotional support, has offered free space for SuDatta for pre adoptive counseling and for programs conducted for SuDatta members.

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