Early Activities by Sudatta


SuDatta in its early years organised a variety of workshops and activities. These helped establish the organisation and also aided in networking with professionals and institutions.

NOVEMBER '96 The Founders Vidya Shankar, Saraswati Srinath and Sheela Kamath met at the parents meet called for by Vatsalya Trust.  Vidya Shankar had already started the Chennai group in 1994.  Later the three families discussed over a lunch and decided to register the Bangalore group as an independent entity and not just as a branch. 
SEPTEMBER '97 SuDatta Adoptive Parents Association Bangalore formally registered. 
FEBRUARY '98 Workshops on ‘Common behaviour issues for children’ & ‘understanding your child’ were conducted by paediatrician Dr. K.S.Srinath, the President of SuDatta.
JUNE '98 Workshop on ‘Insight into today’s child’ was conducted by Ms.Meena Jain of Shristi Special Academy.
SEPTEMBER '98 For the first time in the country a two-day residential program on Adoption was organized where in parents met child welfare experts including Prof. Hoksbergen of Netherlands. Topics discussed ranged from changing trends in adoption procedures and their implication, child development, communication with the child about its adoptive status, telling issues, search issues etc.
OCTOBER '98 Karnataka State Council for Child Welfare along with SuDatta organized Bal Utsav, a cultural festival for children from institutions and orphanages.
APRIL '99 A summer workshop, at Multi Disciplinary Training Center, for adoptive families along with the children from institutions was conducted. All children got down to shredding waste paper, soaking them, producing finally paper sheets from pulp
AUGUST '99 Famous collage artist Mr. V. Balu kept the adoptive families & institution’s children enthralled with his collage presentation on Peace + Children. Later the children created their image of peace and happiness.
SEPTEMBER '99 IIM Bangalore students conducted a study on attitudes and perceptions in adoption which was aptly titled ‘Bonding Beyond the Umbilical Cord’.