Finding my Identity through Sudatta

-By Adhira Nagesh

A young adult talks about how, growing up as a SuDatta child, she has found friendship, comfort and close bonding with other children.

My Mummy asked me to write ‘something’ for the Souvenir …
What does that mean??? Ten years of the organization;
Ten years of togetherness; or
Ten years of growth???
Ahem ahem…this is a logical side to it... But when I think from my heart… two beautifully combined words cross my mind… “Su” meaning “Good” and “Datta” meaning“Adoption”.

On a more serious note, the respect and admiration each one of us have for each other makes our “SuDatta Family” a rare find. The greatest gift one can give to someone is their “Time”, because when you give someone your time, you have given a portion of your life which can make a difference to others’ lives in a very positive way.

And when I think of our “SuDatta” completing ten years, it seems as though in these ten years we have all lived a 100 years together. The kind of closeness and honest bonding we have shared as children and families, is infinite and is for sure meant to last for eternity.

And when we all get together considering even the workshops, I feel at peace, cause very few are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful souls.

“SuDatta” has given me the most amazing and heart warming moments which I would treasure forever. In other words I would say… I have found my “IDENTITY” by being part of SuDatta. And I am sure; my friends would agree with me. Some may never express, but I have a feeling, it’s surely hidden somewhere deep within themselves.

When I go back “down memory lane” I often recollect my most memorable day. There was this workshop where we (adopted) children were invited to express our feelings. That was the day when I, among my other friends, felt most comfortable speaking about adoption in front of a large audience. I was overwhelmed by emotion. And yet my participation and my involvement have made me a much stronger person today. I would always cherish this day.

I often wonder: “Why am I part of SuDatta?” I would say that for me, it’s really very important to meet others children who have joined their families through adoption, so that I can speak my heart out and in turn share a healthy interaction with them.

And by getting this opportunity, I have lately come to realize: in some ways we adopted children do think alike. Moreover, in those times we do feel the same.

One Grows within SOMEONE
And then, Grows without that Someone
Grows again with SOMEONE
And that SOMEONE is a FAMILY!