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Novelty of November

November is a special time and celebrated all over the world as Adoption Awareness Month. In keeping with this spirit SuDatta has organised significant events during this time. The following is a chronicle of activities held in November over the last 10 years. Apart from this, members have given talks and participated in other forums. These include radio broadcasts and television, individual schools, principals’ forum, doctor’s associations, social workers’ forum – e.g. KSCCW and CARA, Adoption Agencies and other support groups in other cities.

November as Adoption Awareness Month is when SuDatta reaches out to spread awareness about adoption among different sections of society and among the different stakeholders involved in the adoption process
November 1997: Parenting Adopted Children

A Panel Discussion by Adoption professionals, psychologists and an adoptive parent.

The workshop & panel discussion on “Parenting Adopted Children” was organized with Mrs. Pramila Nesargi MLA as the Guest of Honour and noted columnist Mrs. Maya Kalyanpur as the Chief Guest

November 1998: Workshop for Prospective Parents.

During Adoption Awareness Week a seminar was held. A panel of experts spoke on the scope of infertility treatment, psychological aspects in adoption, legal aspects, institutional procedures etc

November 1999: Workshop for Teachers:

Adoption awareness week was full of activities almost everyday. SuDatta addressed principals and school teachers on the important role played by teachers as a part of the nurturing process in the life of the adopted child. Experts spoke on ‘Nature Vs Nurture’ and on ‘Personality development of the child’. Indian Ace Cricketer Mr Anil Kumble graced the program.

November 2000: Adoption and Society

A Panel Discussion between police, press representative, Placement professional and Counsellor and Adoptive Parent.

November 2001: Adoption Network: Bringing Adoptive Parents Together

A Two day Residential Workshop sponsored by CARA and supported by KSCCW. Participants represented Adoption support groups from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

November 2002 : BHAVANA : A Cultural Programme

In Collaboration with Ms Hamsa Toshniwal, Dancer and Diana Tholoor, Chrysalis Theatre, this involved participation of children from SuDatta families.

November 2003 : Understanding adopted children in schools today - a half-day workshop for teachers.

The Teacher Foundation conducted this workshop in association with SuDatta.

November 2004: Perspectives on Adoption: Nurturing Relationships.

A two day residential workshop was organised in association with Catalysts for Social Action Pune. The highlight of this program was that teenaged children from SuDatta shared the podium with other resource persons.

November 2005: Adoption Process Workshop:

A day’s workshop for Aspiring parents in collaboration with VCA, Karnataka.Offering information on procedures and parents’ perspectives of adoption experience

November 2006: Parenting With Awareness: A Half day Workshop

For adoptive parents facilitated by Dr. Uttara Vidyasagar, Director, Viveka – Centre for Emotional Support

November 2007: SuDashaka- A Gala Celebration of the SuDatta’s 10th year Anniversary

November 24th, 2007 was a day out for families touched by adoption in Bangalore. The 10th anniversary celebration of SuDatta, the adoptive families support group at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore began with the release of a Souvenir magazine to mark the occasion.

Adoptive parents enjoyed a morning session by Dr. Nilima Mehta on “Adoptive Parenting - Sameness and Uniqueness”, and by Ms. Shobha Managoli on “Parenting in the New Millenium”.

The afternoon panel discussion on “Empowered Parent Child Relationship” had enlightening speeches. Dr. Meena Jain elaborated on “Academic Challenges” and “Adolescence and Peer Pressure” by Dr. Shobha Srinath. Touching anecdotes from Master Ranjan Crasta on “Being a biological child with an adopted sister” and Ms. Aarti Nayak on “My journey as an adopted child” led to an interactive session.

A large turnout of aspiring parents gained information on “Why Legal Adoption” by Mr Vishwanath, “Procedures of Adoption” by Dr Aloma Lobo and “Parent Preparation” by Dr. Ali Khwaja.

Childen participated in a workshop conducted by Kathalaya, and babies played at the crèche. The evening saw speeches by the founders who were appreciated for their vision and hard work. Individuals and institutions that have supported SuDatta were felicitated. The celebration culminated with a colourful drama “Card Country” performed by a children’s theatre troupe and an impromptu dance by SuDatta children.

November 2008: Adoption and Education workshop

The workshop for educators, held on November 21st, 2008 brought together more than 100 teachers, Principals, school counsellors and special educators to understand the need for emotional support for children from differently built families, especially adoptive families.

Ms. Sheela Ramakrishnan, educator, teacher trainer and member of NEEDA Adoptive Parents' Association, Hyderabad gave a moving speech 'Differently Same'. She talked about the emotions, aptitudes and thoughts of students who came from single-parent, grandparent-only, step-parent and adoptive families. She took educators through what might be expected of them at various stages of schooling.

Ms. Vanditha Sharma, Principal Secretary, Department of Education, Government of Karnataka, released a booklet 'Talking about Adoption with Educators', a valuable resource for educators and schools. She also spoke about challenges faced by the government in infrastructure and initiatives in teacher training, especially for dealing with differences such as learning difficulties and differently-built families.

Drs. Shoiba Saldanha and Sangeetha Saxena, of Enfold Proactive Health Trust brought to life classroom situations where the topic of adoption has come up and the different ways these could be handled. Dr. Ali Khwaja, of Banjara Academy, talked about the general need for sensitivity with regard to difference and gave the educators a peek into the world of adoptive families.