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Family get-togethers and Picnics

One of our abiding commitments, besides an Annual General Body Meeting every June/ July, is to have family meets. We certainly do a picnic at least once a year in December or January. We have been to spaces as commonplace as Cubbon Park and locations as far Munnar and Coorg. Sometimes we have tied up with organisations such as Buoyancee or individuals like Late Mr Balu to add elements of creativity too.

SuDatta-ites have lots of fun! We have picnics and trekking activities annually where it’s not about adoption, but unending enjoyment and companionship

The following is a report of one such annual picnic in December 2000 where we were visited by Pamela Antic of Deccan Herald:

It was like a large family picnic. Adults and children were playing cricket with the commitment of professionals and having fun too. The kids were naughty and the parents indulgent. Just like happy normal families taking a breather from the daily routine. That a majority of the kids were adopted was the last thing on the parents’ mind as they set about making the occasion an event to cherish by all the participants.